Home buyers guide

Home buying is one of life's major decision, it makes sense to seek advice from an experienced realtor.

As a real estate professional in Vancouver, BC, I have in depth local knowledge and can provide you with the information you need on home buying, home selling, financing and owning real estate in Vancouver, BC.

Everything you may want to know about the home buying experience in British Columbia is in the BUYER'S GUIDE,

How can a Realtor help you?
  • Explain complicated forms used in the transaction, real estate terms and practices
  • Help you to clarify the type of property you need and can afford
  • Keep you informed about market trends, assessments, future development plans, taxes, zoning, transportation and more
  • Help you start your search. They’ll help you consider your lifestyle, your needs and your requirements – and rate them. Give you information about the community where you plan to buy, including schools, shopping, community centers, parks
  • Assist you in screening and viewing properties
  • Talk to their network of realtors to find the property you want quickly, and they can get you appointments to see it
  • Save you time by matching your requirements with homes listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), a computerized information-sharing network of homes for sale
  • Realtors have a legal obligation to uphold the integrity of their clients, and protect and promote their clients’ interests
  • Recommend other professionals – mortgage brokers, certified home inspectors, lawyers/notaries, insurance agents, movers, painters, contractors...
  • Identify and estimate costs involved in a transaction
  • Prepare offers or counter-offers at your direction and negotiate best price and best terms.

The following information is taken from BCFSA - Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (Your Relationship With a Real Estate Professional) a standard tool used by all REALTORS® in BC that explains agency relationships and describes whenever you are our client or not, we have responsibility to act honestly and with reasonable care and skill. Here is a great video that explains it in detail.